Holiday Gift Guide

2022 Holiday Spicy Gift Guide

Share your favorites with all of your friends and family!

Looking to give the gift of heat this holiday season but can't decide on what to get? Try out some of our offerings in this Holiday Gift Guide! Best of all, these holiday gift bundles are sure to please!


The Flagship Sauce:


If you're really looking to share what PexPeppers is all about, then Pueblo Red is a must have gift this holiday season. This sauce features locally sourced fresh ingredients found right here in Pueblo, Colorado! 

This bold sauce uses freshly fire roasted red Pueblo Chile grown just 5 miles from the PexPeppers kitchen, shallots, garlic, and spices!

Introduce yourself to Pueblo Red by clicking the picture above!



For the Honey Lover:

If you're buying a gift for somebody just starting to get into hot sauce and are unsure of what to get, the Hive Shaker sauce bundle features 3 heat levels of sauce including mild jalapeno, spicy habanero, and superhot Trinidad Scorpion!

Each of these sauces is carefully balanced with lime juice and local Pueblo honey to bring you 3 levels of addictive burn. This is the ultimate gift for the budding chilehead.



For the Seasoned Chilehead:

If you have a heat seeker in your life, we offer just the thing to stimulate their seasoned palate! The Ultimate Superhot Bundle features 4 sauces all utilizing the worlds hottest chile peppers! You can't go wrong with these as they have both gargantuan heat and out of this world flavor!



The Universal Sauces:

Need sauces that fit a wide array of foods? Our Fuego Bundle lineup features three garlic and spice packed sauces that go on just about anything. Perfect for tacos, pizza, seafood, and more!