About Us


PexPeppers is a hot sauce company located in Pueblo, Colorado that uses all natural ingredients and the finest local produce to create some of the most versatile and delicious hot sauces on the market. Our unique flavors are inspired by local cuisine, produce, and old family recipes. We have a gamut of 18 flavors in rotation at any time with more products being added constantly. We look forward to bringing you the heat and flavor you crave!

Meet the founder

Since he was a kid, Garrett has had a knack for making spicy sauces and foods. No longer in love with the world of cyber security, he searched for a purpose and eventually landed on hot sauce which came naturally to him. Exploring all the current offerings at the time, he wanted to bring something different to the market; heat balanced with flavor. Being inspired by local cuisine, recipes from other cultures, and the importance by local and real ingredients, Garrett now produces top-notch hot sauce flavors that one may not find anywhere else.

Our Ingredients

Being in a farming town, PexPeppers utilizes local ingredients for every hot sauce we produce. From Honey to Pueblo Chile, you get to experience the flavor of southern Colorado in every bottle. We also scour the world for exotic and new flavors for everyone to enjoy! We are also a proud member of the Pueblo Chile Growers Association!

Where to find us

We sell to a number of hot sauce shops and restaurants across the USA and Canada. Click here to find a list of our retail locations. Also we invite you to follow along with our trials and successes, you can find a list of our social media below.