Pueblo Spark Pepper Flakes
Pueblo Spark Pepper Flakes
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Pueblo Spark Pepper Flakes

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Get The Pueblo Heat & Flavor, Perfect For Any Meal

Are you looking for something that will add texture, brilliant flavor and some spice to your life?

PexPeppers Pueblo Spark is a delicious blend of crushed Pueblo Dynamite Chile peppers that add a subtle punch of heat and very unique flavor to any dish. These flakes provide enough heat that you’ll notice a bite, while giving off an incredibly memorable taste.

Made with locally grown Pueblo Dynamite chiles, ripened over August and September, and then dehydrated and crushed to make the perfect texture of flakes.

This minimalistic blend of pepper flakes is just enough to complement anything you can think of to sprinkle it on top of.

However, due to this chile being seasonal, we’re only able to carry a limited number of the pepper flakes, and only during a certain time of year. Meaning you need to grab your bottle soon so that you don’t have to wait a long time for another opportunity.


Average CONUS shipping times are about 5-10 days to arrive

This delectable flake blend is made up of the same Dynamite peppers that are in our top selling Pueblo hot sauces, and it’s prepped and ready to deliver a spark to anything you’d like.

What’s So Special About The Pueblo Spark Pepper Flakes?

  • Low heat level of between 5,000 to 10,000 SHU (equivalent to a mild Jalapeno pepper)
  • Rare chile pepper flavor that comes from the sun ripened Pueblo Dynamite chile.
  • No sodium used which means dieters and health-conscious folks can enjoy freely.
  • Unique flake texture (similar to Oregano) but still has a roasted mild spicy bite to it.
  • 2.5 oz bottle size making it easy to store, and perfectly portable for taking on trips.
  • Perfect topping for Mexican food, Italian dishes, salads, grilled meats, cooked fish, and your favorite meal.
  • No additives such as vinegar or other additives often used in hot sauce products.
  • Family owned and operated, we are entirely small business oriented.
  • Heat Level: 3 out of 10

Included Ingredients:

    • Red Sun Ripened Pueblo Dynamite Chile Peppers (Crushed)

Estimated delivery time for Continental US citizens: 5-10 days

Estimated delivery time for Canadian citizens: 7-10 days

Estimated delivery time for United Kingdom / EU citizens: 8-12 days

Estimated delivery time for Australian citizens: 14-21 days