Mesa Pepper Flakes
Mesa Pepper Flakes
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Mesa Pepper Flakes

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The Perfect Combination of Sweet & Mild Heat In One Bottle

Experience The Full Spicy Flavor All Without Needing A Single Drop of Hot Sauce

Need something other than hot sauce that provides some mild heat and that delicious chile pepper flavor at the same time?

PexPeppers Mesa mixes up 4 Mexican based chile pepper flakes to create a desirable roasted flavor profile boasting the perfect blend of both heat and taste.

Holding nothing back, adding this to any meal will unleash a very diverse blend of chile pepper taste and heat that is sure to enhance the flavor profile of anything.

This bottle of chile flakes consistent of the following four tasty peppers:

  • Red Pueblo Mirasol Chiles (3500 SHU)
  • Red Guajilo Chiles (1500 SHU)
  • Ancho Chiles (730 SHU)
  • Green Jalapeno Chiles (7500 SHU)

Not only will a dash of Mesa flakes enhance your meal’s heat level, but it will give it the perfect blast of roasted, spicy tang to have you craving another bite.


Average CONUS shipping times are about 5-10 days to arrive

Look no further when it comes to the ultimate mild pepper flakes addition to your cabinet of heat inducing products. The PexPeppers Mesa chile flakes mix is a worthy adversary for your next meal (or 10).

What’s So Spectacular About The Mesa Pepper Flakes Mix?

  • Mild heat level is perfect for both those with a low heat tolerance and seasoned heat veterans.
  • Original blend that’s exclusive to us, bursting with flavor and the perfect dose of heat.
  • Not a pinch of sodium used meaning no worries about how little or lot you can consume.
  • Unique flake texture (similar to Oregano) provides new ground for you to explore with meals
  • 2.5 oz bottle size is ideal for easy storage, simple transportation, and low desk real estate.
  • Tasty topping on meats, fish, fruits, salads, bread, eggs, pizza, and tons more.
  • No additives such as vinegar, sodium, or anything else, just pure pepper flakes.
  • Family owned and operated so you can know you’re supporting small business.
  • Heat Level: 4 out of 10

Included Ingredients:

    • Sun-dried Pueblo Mirasol Chiles, Dehydrated Guajilo Chiles, Ancho Poblano Chiles, Jalapeno Chile Peppers.

Estimated delivery time for Continental US citizens: 5-10 days

Estimated delivery time for Canadian citizens: 7-10 days

Estimated delivery time for United Kingdom / EU citizens: 8-12 days

Estimated delivery time for Australian citizens: 14-21 days