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I'm So Chile Pueblo Hot Sauce

I'm So Chile Pueblo Hot Sauce

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When Mild Meets Roasted, You Get Spicy Liquid Magic

A Tangy Sweet Pueblo Chile Hot Sauce With Bursts of Roasted Garlic

PexPeppers I'm So Chile features roasted Pueblo peppers blended with white onion and roasted garlic for a super mild but smokey rich flavor that takes you through a range of different zesty spices.

This sauce is PERFECT for everybody since the Pueblo chile is very mild, allowing you to easily consume in large quantities.

Crafted with roasted green Pueblo chiles, roasted garlic blended with white onion, tangy lime juice and vinegar, and a subtle dash of sugar and salt, this is a sauce that seasoning lovers can use with practically any dish or recipe.

Unfortunately, this is a seasonal chile (and sauce) and it's only available for a limited period each year in small batches - so order this delicious smoked topper before you miss out.


Average US shipping time is around 5-10 days for delivery

This tangy roasted 'perfect-topper' sauce can even replace your favorite Marinara sauce. But it's only on sale for a little longer, so be quick and grab your bottle(s) soon for the best deal available!

What's So Special About The I'm So Chile Hot Sauce?

  • Ideal for sensitive sauce lovers and veteran chile heads, since it uses mild Pueblo chile peppers.
  • Great topper for dabbing  on all meals, whether breakfast, lunch, or dinner.
  • Crafted for the sauce connoisseur who isn't looking to blast their food with overwhelming heat.
  • Gluten-free recipe  so that those with gluten allergies can enjoy this sauce.
  • Contains roasted garlic presenting you with a distinct smokey rich flavor in every bite.
  • Lime juice, sugar, and salt combine to explode with a tangy sweetness on your tastebuds.
  • 5 fl. oz. bottle size is perfect for fitting in refrigerators, coolers, backpacks, and other holders.
  • Works great as a replacement for Marinara sauce, pesto, relish, and other dipping sauces as well.
  • Perfect sauce for enchiladas, burgers, burritos, eggs, nachos, salad, alfredo, pizza, and more.
  • Heat Level: 2 out of 10

Included Ingredients:

    • Roasted Green Pueblo Chile, White Vinegar, White Onion, Water, Roasted Garlic, Lime Juice, Cane Sugar, Salt.

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