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Garlic Fuego Jalapeno Hot Sauce

Garlic Fuego Jalapeno Hot Sauce

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Take Yourself To a Garlic Paradise

A Delicious and Hot Garlic Sauce to Enhance Everything You Eat

PexPeppers Garlic Fuego is a garlic and Jalapeno loaded chile sauce that will give you that garlic kick you've been looking for without being too spicy for the novice chile-head. 

Wanting even more garlic loaded goodness in your meals?

Garlic Fuego is a very simple recipe containing: Jalapenos, Vinegar, Garlic, White Onion, Cumin, and VERY LITTLE salt.

Since we are a small hot sauce company you will want to act fast as only about 10 cases are made in each batch. Small batch, huge flavor.


Average US shipping times are about 5-10 days to arrive

This garlic forward hot sauce is very limited in stock with the price rising as we near 0 stock, so grab your bottle(s) quickly to get the best price of this batch.

What's The Lowdown on Garlic Fuego?

  • Bright Jalapeno Bite will excite those taste buds while the garlic keeps you coming back for more
  • Extremely Versatile Garlic Fuego goes great on anything from Quesadillas to Alligator! Use it as a replacement for Marinara sauce!
  • Vegan Friendly So everyone can enjoy!
  • Gluten-free ingredients which means foodie's with gluten allergies can consume this with peace of mind.
  • Low Heat Level gives everyone the chance to experience Garlic Fuego
  • Uses only six simple ingredients so you know what you're eating. No artificial preservatives here!
  • 5 fl. oz. bottle size ideal to fit in fridges, coolers, pantries, backpacks, lunch boxes, and purses!
  • FDA Registered keeping you safe while enjoying only the best flavors.
  • Great sauce for tacos, chicken, pork chops, grilled corn, burritos, pizza, and more.
  • Heat Level: 2.5 out of 10 (Slow but mild burn)

Included Ingredients:

    • Green Jalapeno Peppers, Vinegar, Honey, Lime Juice. ZERO SODIUM / NO SALT.

Estimated delivery time for Continental US citizens: 5-10 days

Estimated delivery time for Canadian citizens: 7-10 days

Estimated delivery time for United Kingdom / EU citizens: 8-12 days

Estimated delivery time for Australian citizens: 14-21 days

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