Taste of Pueblo Bundle

Taste of Pueblo Bundle

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All Three of the Legendary Pueblo Chile Sauces You Love in One Place!

The Pueblo Chile bundle is simply put; the essence of our hometown in three sauces. Three sauces utilized special types of roasted chiles with an exceedingly bold flavor!

Are you looking for the best sauces for any meal or side dish scenario?

Including all three of our roasted chile sauces - you can be sure that you'll be gentle heat and huge flavor in this package.

PexPeppers I'm So Chile (Heat Level: 1 of 10) is a tangy and slightly sweet verde sauce that uses roasted green Pueblo Chile and a savory blast of roasted garlic flavor followed by the zap of jalapeno heat. This sauce should be consumed with care as you will consume this whole bottle in one sitting

Crafted with delicious green roasted Pueblo Mirasol Chiles, Lime Juice, White Onions, and a pinch of cane sugar to round everything out. This sauce is one that true spice-heads and die hard garlic lovers will be yearning to get more.

PexPeppers Pueblo Red (Heat Level: 2 of 10) is a bold roasted red pueblo chile and garlic powered hot sauce that showcases truly any food plate, side dish, and more. With enough heat to tickle your tongue, and packed with roasted chile flavor to bring you back for more.

Made with bold red roasted Pueblo Chiles, shallots, VERY LITTLE sodium, shallots, spices, and just a splash of vinegar, you can have the ESSENTIAL sauce for seasoned and novice chileheads alike!

PexPeppers Pueblo Reserve (Heat Level: 4 of 10) is a sweet and complex ROASTED RED PUEBLO CHILE SAUCE that is unlike anything you've had before! We took deliciously ripe Pueblo Chiles and combined them with raisins, tamarind, a splash of orange juice and a sprinkle of spices to make the ultimate sauce for chicken and seafood. Try it on your enchiladas too!

What's So Special About The Pueblo Chile Bundle?

  • Made for those who want to experience chiles from across the world this is a local treat you wont want to miss.
  • Delicious combo works for a wide variety of dishes and types of foods.
  • All natural ingredients used in each sauce, ensuring a fresh and full bodied flavor.
  • Gluten-free recipes meaning those with gluten allergies can still happily enjoy.
  • Contains low to no sodium to preserve flavor, so those on diets will be able to consume comfortably.
  • Two types of Roasted Pueblo Chiles including the zesty green Pueblo Mirasol Chile and the bold sun-riped Pueblo Dynamite Chile
  • 5 fluid oz. bottle sizes are ideal for fitting in coolers, fridges, pantries, bags, and other holders.
  • Perfect sauces for connoisseur's of wholesome hot sauce and those worried about preservatives (none used).
  • Heat Level Range: 2-4 out of 10

I'm So Chile Ingredients:

    • Fire Roasted Green Mirasol Pueblo Chiles, Vinegar, White Onion, Water, Roasted Garlic, Lime Juice, Cane Sugar, Pueblo Chile Powder, Salt

Pueblo Red Ingredients:

    • Fire Roasted Red Pueblo Dynamite Chiles, Vinegar, Water, Shallots, Garlic, Pueblo Dynamite Powder, LITTLE SODIUM.

Gold Rush Ingredients:

    • Fire Roasted Red Pueblo Dynamite Chiles, Apple Cider Vinegar, Mango, Tamarind, Cane Sugar NO SODIUM.