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Cosmic Peach Habanero Hot Sauce

Cosmic Peach Habanero Hot Sauce

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A Tangy Peach And Habanero Hot Sauce Perfect For Any Foodie!

A Thick But Mild Habanero Based Hot Sauce With A Sweet Peach Punch.

PexPeppers Cosmic Peach is a nectar rich peach, sweet wildflower honey, and well known Habanero chile pepper based hot sauce that satisfies every taste bud in your mouth before delivering a rewarding wave of heat. Boasting a mild heat level but an addictingly smooth peach flavor, this hot sauce is GREAT for newcomers and veterans of sauce all across the board.

Looking to add some heat to your next meal without sacrificing precious flavor? With no unnecessary filler ingredients, just pure habanero and peach flavor.

Created with popular but perfectly grown red orange Habanero pepppers, fruity wholesome peaches, local raw wildflower honey, ZERO sodium, and a just a smidge of distilled white vinegar, this bright orange sauce will bring a tasty smile to any hot sauce lover's cabinet of spices.

But you have to act fast, because we produce Cosmic Peach in batches of around 100 bottles - so if you want to jazz up truly ANY meal, then place your order now so you don't miss out.


Average US shipping times are about 5-10 days to arrive

This savory sweet peach hot sauce is very limited in stock with the price rising as we near 0 stock, so grab your bottle(s) quickly to get the best price of this batch.

What's The Scoop On The Cosmic Peach Hot Sauce?

  • Excellent for heat newbies looking to increase their hot sauce heat tolerance without going too crazy.
  • Beyond delicious as an additive for various meats, veggie green meals, and other meals.
  • Crafted for the FOODIE that isn't afraid of a little spice, but demands full bodied sweet flavor too.
  • Gluten-free ingredients  which means foodie's with gluten allergies can consume in peace.
  • Zero sodium used in the brewing of every bottle, allowing sodium conscious sauce lovers to enjoy.
  • Blended with local wildflower honey which elegantly ties all of the flavors together and adds sweetness.
  • 5 fl. oz. bottle size ideal to fit in fridges, coolers, pantries, backpacks, lunch boxes, and so on.
  • Family owned brand crafting every bottle carefully so that you get the safest, best tasting sauce possible.
  • Great sauce for white meats, cheeses, pizzas, seafoods, snacks, grilled foods, salads, side dishes and more.
  • Heat Level: 5.5 out of 10 (Creeps up on you, but still mild)

Included Ingredients:

    • Orange Habanero Chile Peppers, Raw Local Wildflower Honey, Palaside Peaches, Distilled White Vinegar. ZERO SODIUM / NO SALT.

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Estimated delivery time for United Kingdom / EU citizens: 8-12 days

Estimated delivery time for Australian citizens: 14-21 days

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