The Evolution of Taco Fuego.

Did you know that Taco Fuego's first prototype was actually made with green jalapenos instead of red? The classic PexPeppers favorite Taco Fuego hot sauce has actually been around since 2013 in various forms!

If you follow along, you'll learn more about the classic smokey sauce known as Taco Fuego.


Birth of Taco Fuego

Taco Fuego was originally inspired by the TacoCoin cryptocurrency that was an offshoot of today's popular cryptocurrency dogecoin in 2013. One of their community members reached out and asked me to create a sauce for their cryptocurrency coin with their logo! You can see the original label art below


Quickly I got to work on what would become an all time best seller for PexPeppers. The original formula consisted of Green Jalapenos, Vinegar, Cumin, and Salt. Eventually I was able to source a wider variety of peppers including fully ripened red jalapenos which would eventually become the base of today's Taco Fuego. 

The original recipe for green Taco Fuego eventually became a sauce known as garlic zinger in 2014 and then that sauce became what is known as Garlic Fuego today!

The Modern Taco Fuego

The red version Taco Fuego as you know it today was formulated in 2015 once I was able to get my hands on a constant supply of fresh red jalapeno peppers.

I wanted this sauce to be the ideal sauce for tacos so in my mind it needed to be smokey, garlicy, and not too hot. That settled me on a careful balancing act of chipotles, garlic, and cumin for the background flavors. I was hooked at the first drop and I knew I had a winner!

In 2016 we found ourselves with an opportunity to move to Colorado and we took it. That however created an issue as I was not certified to make hot sauce in Colorado and had to get sauces manufactured for me instead. In order to reduce labor costs, we had to switch to a vinegar based jalapeno puree and unfortunately the quality suffered!

However, that problem has just been solved. In 2020 I went and got my acidified foods manufacturing license determined to switch back most if not all of the sauces back to fresh peppers! 

Taco Fuego Reborn

Fast forward to 2022 and now I have my own kitchen to work in as of January! With the help of some close friends, we were able to bring the quality of the sauces back up to all time high as we'll be getting our hands on the best and freshest ingredients we can find! We'll be processing them ourselves instead of using already pureed peppers.

That being said, Taco Fuego is the next sauce to be returning to fresh chiles! We finally secured a supplier who can supply us with seemingly endless amounts of fresh red jalapenos and other peppers.

These red jalapenos were combined with even more chipotle, garlic, and cumin to make an even THICKER Taco Fuego; you'll be pouring this on everything!

This version will be released within 3 weeks so be sure to stay on the lookout for the new and improved version of Taco Fuego!