Spicy Guarana Slushy Recipe

Use this quick and easy recipe to make yourself a wild frozen treat perfect for these awful hot summer days! What is Guarana? As per wikipedia Guarana is a plant native to Brazil in the Amazon Basin.It is also known in Latin by the name Paullinia cupana. It is a plant that climbs and is revered for it's amazing fruit. A ripe guarana fruit is bright red in color. It ripens with a candy red shell encasing a large black seed covered by a white pulp similar to a Lychee! It has a very light berry like flavor that is just so refreshing during the summer.

We will be using Guarana Antarctica soda pop to make our slushy.

There are a few tricks to making the perfect slushy. You can do a few things:

The recipe is incredibly simple. All it contains is frozen soda and some Pico De Gallo or Pueblo Chiles.

  1. De-seed and mince your chiles extremely fine, you may even want to roast them first. 
  2. Combine with soda pop
  3. Freeze.

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