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White Ghost Pepper x White Habanero Pepper Seeds

White Ghost Pepper x White Habanero Pepper Seeds

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This unique and delicious chile pepper cross was originally made by Jacob Deathridge of Deathridge Peppers. 

Upon growing this rare and very spicy pepper you will soon find out that it packs both heat and flavor with a generous crunch! It will go great with anything lemon or garlic! Slice up one or two and put it on some lemon chicken.

Also, please note that this chile pepper is a cross of a white bhut jolokia and a white habanero, so the heat wont be as hot as a standard ghost pepper. That makes it perfect for the beginner chilehead wanting to dip their toes into super hot peppers

You will need a long and humid summer to grow this ghost pepper cross. Suitable for USDA Growing Zones 5b-10b.  This chile is also known as the White Habalokia.


Why grow this chile?

  • Easy growing makes it PERFECT for the beginner gardener.
  • Spicy and refreshing overall mouth burn.
  • Very adaptable to most growing environments
  • Shorter life cycle than most superhot peppers; more peppers faster!
  • Bright lemony flavor!