Ultimate Barbecue Bundle

Ultimate Barbecue Bundle

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Everything Barbecue Just In Time For Dinner!

Three smokey and flavorful BBQ based sauces!


The 'Ultimate BBQ' bundle features three sauces which are essential to any barbecue. These sauces range between the mild Pueblo Chile to the fierce Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah so you have the perfect flavor enhancing tool for every meal. These three spicy and flavorful barbecue inspired hot sauces will make your grilled and smoked foods pop with that little something extra!

Are you looking for that perfectly balanced sweet heat?

This smokehouse 3 pack of mouth-watering hot sauces utilize 3 super flavorful chile peppers: Roasted Red Pueblo Chile, Orange Habanero, and Trinidad 7 pot Douglah. These three heat levels cater to everyone at the party!

Pueblo Red (Heat Level: 2.5 of 10) Roasted red Pueblo Chiles straight from Pueblo, Colorado are mixed with loads of garlic and shallots to provide a truely unique bold flavor profile with just enough heat to pouring it on your burgers, hot dogs, carne asada tacos, and more.

Pueblo Red is produced with roasted red Pueblo Chile, white vinegar, cumin, shallots, and a healthy dose of garlic. Break this one out at every family gathering and taste the flavor of Pueblo.

Coastal Revenge (Heat Level: 7 of 10) is an Orange habanero based pineapple barbecue flavored hot sauce that is backed by a pinch of smoked Trinidad Scorpion peppers to provide a smokey and sweet heat. This sauce should be consumed with care as you will eat this whole bottle in one sitting!

Crafted with orange habaneros, apple cider vinegar, tomato puree, brown sugar, and a hint of garlic this sauce is one that goes on anything and diehard pineapple lovers will be pouring all over their food.

7 Pot Panic (Heat Level: 8.5 of 10) is an extremely spicy Douglah 7 Pot fueled Carolina style barbecue sauce that will certainly transform that rack of ribs into something very special. It has just enough brown sugar to carmelize perfectly on those smoked chicken wings you make. Don't use too much, you may send yourself into a panic!

The Carolina style barbecue flavor will bring you in while the Douglah 7 pot will provide a long radiating burn. Experience the Panic today.


Unfortunately, because we're a family owned hot sauce company, we create these sauces in small batches and run low on stock regularly - so order this medium heat hot sauce bundle soon so you don't miss out on it.



Average US shipping times are about 5-10 days to arrive

For a limited time, we are offering 100% FREE United States shipping on this bundle package, so be quick to order your bottle(s) ASAP to take advantage of the HUGE free shipping offer!

Why choose this ultimate BBQ bundle?

  • Made for the griller who are looking to introduce new flavors to their meals.
  • Addictive smokey and roasted flavors work  very well for a wide variety of barbecued and grilled foods.
  • All natural ingredients used in each sauce, ensuring a fresh and full bodied flavor.
  • Gluten-free recipes meaning those with gluten allergies can still happily enjoy.
  • Low to no sodium is used to preserve flavor, so those on diets will be able to consume comfortably.
  • Barbecue lovers will appreciate wide variety of mild to superhot chile peppers used!
  • 5 fluid oz. bottle sizes are ideal for fitting in coolers, fridges, pantries, bags, and other holders.
  • Perfect sauces for connoisseur's of wholesome hot sauce and those worried about preservatives (none used).
  • Heat Level Range: 2.5-8.5 out of 10

Pueblo Red Ingredients:

    • Roasted Red Pueblo Chile, Vinegar, Water, Shallots, Garlic, Pueblo Dynamite Chile Powder, Cumin, and Salt. Contains 2 mg sodium/tsp.

Coastal Revenge Ingredients:

    • Tomato Puree, Orange Habanero Mash, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pineapple, Brown Sugar, Garlic, and a pinch of salt Contains 1 mg sodium/tsp.

7 Pot Panic Ingredients:

    • Trinidad 7 Pot Douglah Chile Mash, Tomato Puree, Vinegar, Red Onion, Garlic, Mustard Powder, and a pinch of Salt Contains 1 mg sodium/tsp.