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Cherry Magma Reaper Hot Sauce

Cherry Magma Reaper Hot Sauce

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Are You Ready To Taste The Cherry Volcano?!

A Fruity Reaper Hot Sauce With A Tartfully Sweet Cherry Blend

PexPeppers Cherry Magma is a honey infused cherry and Carolina Reaper chile pepper based hot sauce that has a rush of sweet cherry flavor followed by a gigantic slap of heat. This sauce is NOT to be taken lightly as the burn of a Reaper pepper can last up to 10 minutes.

Is your meal or snack missing the powerful punch of spicy sweet heat?

Crafted with Carolina Reaper chile peppers, bing cherries, wildflower honey, NO sodium, and a splash of white vinegar, this is a sauce thattrue chile-heads and die hard hot sauce fanswill die to get their taste buds on.

However, because we're a boutique hot sauce company, we walk the risk of running out of stock more often - so order this scorcher of a sauce soon so you don't miss out.


Average US shipping times are about 5-10 days to arrive

This cherry sweet hot sauce is set to rise in price as we run lower on stock, so make sure to grab your bottle(s) soon for the lowest possible price!

What's So Special About The Cherry Magma Hot Sauce?

  • Ideal for true chile-headsand die hard heat fans, due to the scorching Reaper peppers used.
  • Great as a toppingfor all meals, especially grilled as a glaze, and cooked.
  • Crafted for picky eaters of hot saucethat demand flaming heat along with a rich honey flavor.
  • Gluten-free recipe so that those with gluten allergies can indulge in the sauce.
  • No salt and sodiumused in the brewing of this recipe, so all dieters can use it for any dish.
  • Contains RAW wildflower honeypresenting you with a distinct full-bodied sweet flavor in each drop.
  • 5 fl. oz. bottle size is perfect for fitting in fridges, backpacks, coolers, and other holders.
  • Family managed company so you know you're support small business and not some massive retailer.
  • Perfect sauce forglazes, grilling, cheeses, smoked foods and snacks, dieters, gifts, and more.
  • Heat Level: 9 out of 10

Included Ingredients:

    • Carolina Reaper Chile Peppers, Wildflower Honey, Bing Cherries, White Vinegar. NO SODIUM.

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